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The Clique

Author: Lisi Harrisonn

Genre: drama


A girl named Clair just moved to New York. Since they couldn’t find a new home before the school start. Her dad’s had a very nice friend in New York who lives in a humongus estate. That friend let him stay at his house untill they find a new house.

Clair was very excited to move to New York, but it turned out that her dad’s friend had a very picky daughter just Clair’s age. She was the only child and her parents had always spent so much money on her fashion. Clair had never experienced such a celebrity life, so she was very concerned about living with her.

The daughter was named Massie. She had three best friends at her special rich school for girls, who were also extremely rich. They were Meg, —–, and —–. Clair had a very hard time hanging out with them because there was a clique. The clique members were too close together, so Clair couldn’t join in easily. The clique did many harassments to Clair.

Clair made new friends, who was actually a sister of the guy Massie had a crush on. Massie doesn’t do well with Christopher; her crush. So Clair and her friend made a plan to make Massie feel bad.

Read this book to find out what’s going to happen later!!

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