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Babe and Me

Author Dan Gutman

the genre of the book is adventure

rate ★★★★☆

In this book a boy called Joe is able to time travel with baseball cards. This time he gets the Babe Ruth card. He goes to the year that babe hit the home-run that he pointed to center field. Until that day Joe and his dad wandered around the city. They wanted to eat food and went in the restaurant and ate until they were full. It was usual until they went to the cash resister. Joe and his dad had only money used now so they could not pay money. Then Babe came in the restaurant and paid all the money for them. from then Joe and his dad went along with Babe. The day that babe hit the home-run where he said came. Now Joe and his dad could know if Babe really hit the home-run where he said to. Was it real that he hit the home-run where he said to?

I liked this book because It kept me very interested until the very end. It is not a hard book so you could read without taking much time.


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Eli manning Making of a Quarter back




This book is not a story, it’s about  this person called Eli Manning. Eli Manning is a professional American football player, and playing quarter back in New York Giants. This book tells about Eli manning’s  life  from birth to now.

Quarter back is the most difficult position to do  and the most position that gets lots of pressure, but it is the most position that gets lots of attentions.

In this book there one thing else that is written on it,which is about the super bowl game when Eli manning made a miracle and lead the giants to the Superbowl champion.

It tells how his feelings when he was playing during the super bowl and tells what was the cause of making Eli manning make that miracle.

It makes you fun so I recommends to everybody who knows about American football.

If you don’t know anything about American football I think it would be boring to you so you shouldn’t!!!!!!

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Title of Book=OPEN
Author=Andre Agassi

”OPEN” was an amazing story about a world-famous tennis player that hated playing tennis in his childhood but through his hard work with his coach/uncle, he achieved his goal. He was a teenage phenom from Las Vegas who went onto the pro tour. His coach sticking with him all the time. At first, he loved playing tennis as a hobby and was able to win his first eight tournaments that he entered. His name was Andre Agassi.

At the age of seven, he started his tennis life and when he realized the stress and burden he was carrying because of all of the his very strict coach that would get very angry even if he misses slightly or lose a match. Andre thought long and hard about his future as a tennis player. Andre Agassi explains the difficulty of having an uncle that is very strict but knows what needs to be done to become a top tennis player. Back then, he died his hair, pierced his ears, and dresses like a punk rocker.

Andre Agassi suffered from Sciatica, a spondylolisthesis and a bone spur that interfered with the nerve. I was very surprised that he was able to keep playing those many matches with those injuries. Also, Andre Agassi’s play style was very offensive especially on the return. He had amazing service returns. In those days everybody would serve and volley so a big return would be the key for breaking serve.

I really admire and look up to Andre  Agassi. I wish that I can be one of the top tennis athletes in the world like Andre Agassi when I grow up and I learned that if you want to get better and spend time with it, you’ll always become better after hard training if you don’t give up until you accomplish your goal.

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Babe and Me

Author:  Dan Gutman

Rating: ★★★★☆


This story is about an eight year old kid going back to the past with his father, to see old baseball players he looked up to.  He uses baseball cards as time machines to transport to the past.  This time, this kid, went to go see Babe Ruth.  This kid is named Joe Stoshack.  Joe has a power no one else has.  The power to use his Baseball cards as a time machine to go back to the past.  His father loves baseball, and that’s where Joe got his emotions toward baseball. anyways, Joe and his father goes back to 1932, to see Babe Ruth and his World Series.  When Joe and his father got to 1932, they landed in Chicago.  They wander around  the 1932 Chicago.  In Chicago, they find Babe Ruth, but gets into lots of trouble as well.  If you want to know how they got n trouble, please read the book.


I love this book.  I read this book for a project when I was in 4th grade in the States.  I got to know a lot of things about Babe Ruth, and about baseball.  I recommend this book for lower school students, because it is easy to read, and it doesn’t have hard vocabulary.   But, I recommend this book to middle school students, too.  It would help them understand more bout baseball, like I did.  I hope you’ll like the book.

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Beckham-My World

Title: Beckaham-My World

Author: David Beckham

Rate: ★★★★☆

This book is about one of the strongest football player all over the world; Beckham. In the book, there are photos of Beckham and Victoria, his wife. Therefore, you are able to understand how he is sexy and cool.

You might think that Beckham is perfect, no need to make effort, etc. Though, he made a lot effort to be the perfect. You should read and know that how hard to be a perfect man.

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