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The Sea of Monsters

the sea of monstersTitle: The Sea of Monsters

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Adventure, Fiction

Rate: ★★★★☆


  In this school year, no monsters appeared before Percy Jackson, a half-blood. He did not get attacked by anything and did not get in any trouble, until the last day of the school year. Percy Jackson and his friend, Tyson, were playing a dodge ball with their classmates. Then suddenly, their classmates turns into giant monsters. They both get attacked by the giants until Annabeth, Percy’s half-blood friend, appears invisibly and save Percy and Tyson. Percy was surprised and asked Annabeth why she appeared, and she told them that the Camp Half-Blood was in a danger.

  They three went to the camp and saw that the camp’s protection, Thalia’s Pine Tree, was poisoned. They also found out that Tyson was a young Cyclop, an ugly big giant, and a brother of Percy, since they were both Poseidon’s son. This was embarrassing for Percy, because nobody really likes Cyclops.

  Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson wants to go on a quest to find the Golden Fleece to cure the poisoned Pine Tree and find the Grover the satyr who is in a big trouble. Although they want to go, the temporary activities director, Tantalus, said Clarrise the daughter of Ares should go. Tantalus send Clarrise, but Percy and the others didn’t understand. They are helped by a god, and secretly went on the quest without getting caught by anyone.

  Their adventure starts heading south to the Sea of Monsters. During the quest, they see a cruise ship called Princess Andromeda where Luke, Percy’s enemy and an old friend of Annabeth, leads the ship. They also went through C.C.’s Spa and Resort where Percy turns into a pig.

  They finally got to the cave to the Sea of Monsters, but many things occur. Can they survive through the quest, bringing the Golden Fleece and help out Grover?


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The Lighting Thief

Title: The Lightning Thief

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Adventure, Fiction

Rating: ★★★★☆

What if the Greek gods were still alive? What if they have children all around the world who aren’t aware of their powers? And what if being a demigod (half human, half god) means they’ll have to spend their life fighting monsters to survive?

Percy Jackson thinks he’s a normal kid. He goes to a normal school, has a normal friend named Grover, and has a normal family. However, he starts to discover special abilities he has-powers that  are related to water. He also seems to able to see what other people can’t see, such as monsters coming to try to kill him. He was told his father went far away a long time ago, and now his mom has married a unpleaseant man named Gabe Ugliano. Percy wonders why his mom would marry a person as horrible as Gabe. He also wonders who his real father is, and why his mom never answers questions about him.

One day, when Percy and his mom were on vacation, a huge storm hit where they were staying. Then his friend Grover suddenly shows up galloping towards them to warn Percy’s mom that it was time for Percy to go. Percy notices that Grover has hooves instead of feet, and that he has horns on his head. With his head full of questions, he was taken to a place near a hill, when suddenly, a monster attacked. Strangely, Grover and his mom could see it as well. After this event, Percy will be taken to a place he didn’t know existed. He will find out what he really is and who his father was…

“The Lightning Thief.” Camp Half-blood Wiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2013. <;.

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Trading Faces

Title: Trading Faces

Author: Julia DeVillers & Jennifer Roy                                               

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Rate: ★★★★★

Summary: This book is about a twin named Emma and Payton. They transferred from a all girls school to a public school. And they are starting their 7th grade school year at the public school! Emma is the “Smart one” who is advanced at everything and explains EVERYTHING, but she has no social and fashion skills. And Payton is her identical twin who is the  “Social one” who is very friendly and all about fashion, but she is a little behind in studying.  Payton wanted to be popular so she joins in the popular group led by a mean but popular girl named Sydney. Payton gets in a fight with Sydney and she is too depressed. So, Emma dresses up as Payton and goes to solve the problem. Can they save Payton’s school life, or would they get caught switching places? Read the book to figure out!

Comment: I love this series! I have the whole series. I recommend this book to girls who like reading about school life!

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Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Rate: ★★★☆☆

I knew this book by the movie. After I saw the movie I wanted to read the original book.

The story is the called Berra arrived the small town in America. She get little nervous at, new town and

new city. One day, she met a mysterious boy at school. He called Alexander and he absent school when its

sunny day. Berra thought its strange and she asked him about that. But he ignored her, she felt more

suspicious at him. She searched about him and finally she know he’s secret…

he was a vampire.

I interested at differences between human and vampire. Sometimes Berra worried about that.

Human and vampire, different species two of  them love and living hard at their lives.

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Diary of the Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules JK Roweling




Greg has a difficult life living with a brother like Rodrick.  Rodrick has been very mean and bullying Greg. Greg enrolled in a swimming class because he was persuaded from his parents. However, he never thought that swimming class could be this embarrassing. Greg’s mother persuades him to wear swim briefs for all the swim classes. People around him all and he had a terrible time for a big portion of his summer vacation. After swimming Greg’s older brother, Rodrick, picks Greg up and forces Greg to sit in the trunks on his ” Loaded Diper” van. Every time Rodrick puts on the brakes, Greg ends up colliding his head into band equipment in the trunk. Greg is in a band with his friends and the “Loaded Diper” is one of the places he meets his band members. So, Greg chooses to walk home  after practice.

Greg’s best friend Rowley, goes on a vacation for the whole summer and when he comes back, Rowley himself can blend very well from culture to culture. Rowely was his pen pal, but, since he’s gone for now, he has to choose a different pen pal. After school, Rodrick does the same incident he does during the summer with his van. Greg tells him to gently brake, but Rodrick does not. When they both arrived home, Greg calls Rodrick a jerk while Rodrick himself reacts by pushing Greg out into the bushes. Unfortunately, their mother saw the whole scene. Both brothers have to write an apology complimented with a picture. A few days later, Greg’s father is angry at the teenagers hanging around in the driveway. He wants to get rid of them. Then, he puts on the radio in front of the teens. The driveway is finally cleared of teens. Unfortunately, mom doesn’t like that he is purposely trying to make Rodrick’s “fans go away”.

At the school, some people, including Greg, starts pretending that Chirag disappeared because, Chirag once moved in June, but he moved back. Then, the rest of the class gets involved with “Invisible Chirag”. Greg gets sent to the principal’s office to apologize. The next week, Rodrick invites people for a party while he pretends to have the flu. He  locks Greg in the basement for the whole night. However, one of Rodrick’s friends came up to Greg’s mother’s camera and accidentally took a photograph. It was just after Thanksgiving dinner that the picture was discovered. Rodrick also had to replace a door which said “Hi Rodrick.” on it. However, their mother blamed both of them.

Greg has these many problems with Rodrick’s bullying situation and I think that Greg has to tell his parents about that situation. Greg is being to weak. Rodrick would blame Greg for everything and the one that gets in trouble was Greg. I think that if Greg could be a little more tougher, Rodrick wouldn’t have an excuse for all the bad things he did. I really enjoyed this book because it was very funny and I van see what life would be like if you had an older brother that bullies you. I will never become like Rodrick!

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By Stephenie Meyer 


Rate ★★★★★

17-year-old Isabella, she moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to rainy town, Forks, Washington to live with her dad. At beginning she was depressed by the rainy weather. However Bella attracts much attention at her new school and she quickly befriended with several students.

In class on her first day of school, Bella is seated next to Edward. He utterly repulsed by her and disappears for a few days. We later find out that he is, in fact, tortured by the effort not to drink her blood.

One day Bella was about to crush by a van in the school parking, however in momentary Edward appear next to her and save her by stopping the van with his one hand. She of course couldn’t believe what did happen to her, she imagined he has superman strength. This is when she begins to wonder who and what he is. At school Bella heard a legend about vampires and werewolves from her friend call Jacob. She suspected that Edward might be the one of them. Afterward Edward confess that he is vampire who drinks animal blood rather than human, and also he told her that he initially avoided Bella because he was scared that if he lost an instinct and suck her blood. Overtime, Edward and Bella fall in love. Vampire and human love are unacceptable, because vampire and human meant to be a sworn enemy. Bella and Edward love causes big denomination war between Edward’s family and other vampires.   

This book classifies to adventure, mystery and love story. This book is series, and stories are all continuous to next volume, Twilight is a first volume. All of the series has been made into a movie. However I prefer you should watch movie first and afterward you should read with book because if you watch film you would able to imagine more clearly what author are trying to express. In other hand if you like to compare with film and book, I would recommend to read it fist. In either case both of them are very enjoyable, thrilling and little bit sternJ

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Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Survival, Romance, Book→Movie


This Story has a main character name Bella, who’s just about your average girl. She has been living fine, just that her parents were separated since few years ago, and she lives at her father’s house with him.

She starts to go to her high school. One day she meets this boy name Edward at her school.  They take some same classes, Edward always has been with his family at school. At first, Bella never knew about him, but Edward knew about her, since he noticed that Bella was something different from other people. Soon, Bella notices that Edward is a vampire, but when she notices that, she already has been falling in love with him. They became in a relationship, but because Edward’s a vampire, and Bella’s human, they start to have a lot of problems. Edward tries to save Bella from other vampires.

How they keep their relationship, and how to see how Bella survive from the vampires.

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