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NicholasBy Rene Goscinny & Jean-Jacques

Genre: Diary

Book Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: This book is about a French boy’s daily life. And this time Nicholas and his family went on a trip to the sea, and they played. And this book is a series.

Comment: I like this story because the content was satisfactory and it wasn’t so difficult.

image from: “Nicholas | Phaidon Press | by Rene Goscinny & Jean Jacques Sempé.” Nicholas | Phaidon Press | by Rene Goscinny & Jean Jacques Sempé. Phaidon Press Ltd, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. .

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Lost and Found

Book Title: Lost and Found

Author: Andrew Clements

Genre: School Life


This book is about a twin’s school life. One day, one of the boy’s name was not called at the attendance. And he figures out that the school doesn’t know that they are missing one person.

Book Rating: ★★★☆☆


I like the scene when the two boys try to hide that they are not a twin to their friends.

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Book Title  Rules

Author     Cynthia Lord

Genre      Nobel


This story is about two boys who want to be normal. A new student comes to the school and become their friends. They try to search the way to be normal. They try to think about what normal is.

Book rating  ★★★★☆


I also think about being “normal”. I think this book is very interesting. I like this book, because this book is about junior high school student is near my age. So I have a sense of closeness.

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frindleAuthor: Andrew Clements


Genre: Fantasy Novel

Summary: It is about a boy named Nick who always had plenty of great ideas. From his teacher he learned a lot of words and he got the inspiration for his best plan ever.

Book Rating: ★★★★★

Comment: This book was very funny and interesting. It is easy to read and it makes you want to read more.

“Frindle.” Scholastic Teachers. Scholastic Inc., n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2013. <;.

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Big Nate Flips Out

Author:Lincoln Peirce

Genre:Realistic Fiction



This story was about two best friends who had a fight. The reason that they had a fight is because Nate was messy and lost an expensive camera that Francis borrowed from the school. Now Francis has to pay for what Nate lost. Nate and Francis had a big fight and they said mean things to each other. Than Nate said Francis’ biggest secret which was his embarrassing middle name “Butthurst” in front of everyone. Nate couldn’t help himself being messy. He didn’t know what to do but he came up with the idea to meet Teddy’s  uncle, Pedro. He hypnotized Nate to be neat and he changed a lot. He got mud on his t-shirt and he didn’t care about it before but now he cares a lot. The first thing he did when he came back to home was to  clean up his messy room. He found many lost things. He started to get good grades and everything was going good but Nate started to hate being neat. He tried hard but his body naturally moved to be neat. Nate had two things to do: Find the missing camera and try to be messy again.


This book told me how important friendship is. I think friends fight hundred percent because there always together. I think friends are very important in your life and they might change your life.

Image from: “Big Nate Flips Out: Lincoln Peirce.”, n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2013. <;.

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Trading Faces

Title: Trading Faces

Author: Julia DeVillers & Jennifer Roy                                               

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Rate: ★★★★★

Summary: This book is about a twin named Emma and Payton. They transferred from a all girls school to a public school. And they are starting their 7th grade school year at the public school! Emma is the “Smart one” who is advanced at everything and explains EVERYTHING, but she has no social and fashion skills. And Payton is her identical twin who is the  “Social one” who is very friendly and all about fashion, but she is a little behind in studying.  Payton wanted to be popular so she joins in the popular group led by a mean but popular girl named Sydney. Payton gets in a fight with Sydney and she is too depressed. So, Emma dresses up as Payton and goes to solve the problem. Can they save Payton’s school life, or would they get caught switching places? Read the book to figure out!

Comment: I love this series! I have the whole series. I recommend this book to girls who like reading about school life!

“Barnes & Noble.” Barnes & Noble – Books, Textbooks, EBooks, Toys, Games & More., n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2013. <;.

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Bad Girls

  1. Title:) Bad Girls
  2. Author:) Jacqueline Wilson
  3. Genre:) School
  4. Rate:) ★★★★☆
  5. Comment:) Mandy White is a shy, 10-years-old girl. She is teased by 3 girls because of her old parents and her babyish clothes. One day, Mandy meets a funny and fashionable girl named Tanya. Mandy thinks she found a true friend, but her mother worries about Tanya’s bad attitude. Will Mandy and Tanya’s friendship last forever?And what will happen to the 3 evil girls?

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