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Author: Louis Sachar

Genre: adventure/mystery


Summary: This book is the story of the friendship of the boys. The main character Stanley Yelnats is a boy who was put into Camp Green Lake(but there is no lake) by the wrong judgment. At Camp Green Lake, boys who had done bad things, have to dig large holes all day long. The camp is in the center of the desert so there is no place to run away. Everyone dig the holes because the warden is looking for something. But what is hidden under the ground? Stanley is going to dig and finds out what it is.

This book was sometimes funny and sometimes makes me cry. It was interesting to read Stanley’s growing up, and how Stanley is going to notice a true friend. This book is realistic and easy to read and sometimes romance in it so I recommend to read this book.

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The secret garden


Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery

The reason I choose this book was because I read this book when I was a little child. It reminds me the time I was still believed in fairy tales. This story was about the girl name Mary Lennox who was a bad tempered , disagreeable child. She  lost her parents. She lived in India, but because of the disease she sent back to England to live with her uncle Craven in a big lonely house. There was nothing to do all day except walk in the gardens, but one day she finds something interesting which has been unseen from the people for ten years…

One night when Mary was walking in the house she heard someone was crying so she decided to find out who it was… In a room behind a tapestry she finds a boy, Colin Craven, her cousin. He couldn’t  walk nor stand up, and so everybody thought that he might going to die. His father has never wanted to see him because he’s so different from his dead mother.

Mary took Colin into the secret garden using a wheel chair, and she taught him how to walk. At the end of the story father came back to the house where there was his son Coin, when they all said it’s “Magic” that made all the wonders possible: Colin started to run towards his father and made him surprised, Mary has changed into a nice girl and her joy in the secret garden.

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From the mixed-up files of Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler

Author: E. L. Konigsburg

Genre: adventure/ mystery

Rate: ★★★★☆

Summary: This story is about two kids named Claudia and her younger brother, Jamie is going to run away.Claudia is an elementary school student who wanted to run away from the suburban life. She doesn’t want to do a “normal” run away so she decides to camp in the museum which is Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Claudia planned the entire thing carefully. She brings Jamie along with her because he has saving the money by playing gamble with his friends every morning. They packed their clothes inside their violin and trumpet cases, and get inside the museum by pretending the member of a school tour. And inside the museum, they will meet with lots of things.

This book is realistic and timeless, and really easy to read. And sympathize with people with all ages. If you like reading mystery, I recommend to read this book once.

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The book I read is HOLES written by Louis Sachar. This book is the New York Times#1 bestseller. I liked this book that I read it twice!!

It`s about an overweight boy named Stanly Ylnats going to Camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake is a detention center in Texas. Although the name of the place is Camp Green Lake, there is no lake. Also there are no trees and grasses. The boys who are sent there dig a hole every day. Every boy in Camp Green Lake committed a crime except for Stanly. He was sent to this center unjustly. He was in a wrong place in a wrong time. All his family seems to be in a wrong place in a wrong time, because they were all cursed. His life at Camp Green Lake starts by digging the first hole. The boys need to dig a 5 feet deep 5 feet wide hole. Why the boys need to do this? The warden of the camp said that you can build character by digging holes. However Stanly finds out that the warden is looking for something that is under ground. What is the warden looking for? Why is Stanly`s family is cursed? Read the book and find it out!!



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Trial By Journal

Author:Kate Klise
Genre:Mystery, Humour

This story is about a girl named Lily Watson. Lily Watson becomes a juror of a murder trial and she keeps a journal during it. The other jurors of the trial are quite unique and funny. The story isn’t really a narrated story. It has Lily’s journals, the daily newspaper, advertisement fliers, journals of the defendant, other jurors’ journals and more. We get to read from many people’s perspectives, so it is in interesting and also a very different type of story from the ones that we usually read.
The story is about a murder trial, which seems pretty dark at first, but it isn’t a dark story at all! It is actually very humourous. Lily ends up solving the case by the evidence that she has collected, so that is interesting to read too! I especially recommend this to people who don’t like to read much because this book doesn’t feel like you are reading a book. It has many pictures and the journal parts are in handwritten fonts, so you can read it without any difficulty.

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Nate the Great Goes Undercover

Author: Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Genre: Series and Mystery


summary: Main character is Nate who is a little detective, and he loves pancake. One day, he got the request from Oliver who is living at neighboring city. Oliver told Nate that every night, someone just destroy the trash can at Oliver’s house. Nate is going to carry out a culprit at night!

It was cute that little boy:Nate poses as a detective,and he is serious about it♡,and I love the end part that was unexpected truth.also this book made me want to eat pancake with maple syrup!, so please read it when you are not hungry.

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Among the Hidden

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Genre: Adventure, mystery


This book is about a time when there are a rule that families couldn’t have third children. Garner family had a third children called Luke. He is an illegal child and if he is found by the government, he will be killed, so he is hidden in his house. But one day, he will found that his neighborhood Tablot family had a third child too. By his curiosity, Luke will sneak out his house the first time and go to the Tablot family’s house. Luke found a girl called Jen whose the third child as same as Luke. They will be friends, but one day, Jen will say she is thinking that she will get out the house and attack the government to stop the law and she wanted Luke to come with him. Luke thought very hard about it, but he was worried of his family getting alone with out him, so Luke didn’t go with her, and decided to hide in his whole life. A week passed , Luke got worried of Jen, and went to her house. He saw an empty house with no Jen.

My friend had introduced this book and said it is so interesting. To me, I thought English book has many difficult vocabulary, and mostly I couldn’t enjoy the story by looking up at the vocab. But this book was a little different from the book I was reading. I got so interest of the story. There was many vocab I didn’t understand, but I didn’t mind it because the story was SO interesting. I thought the author had very good imagination that made the reader read the book more and more.

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