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Harry poter and the deathly hallows

Author : J.K.Rowling

Genre : Magic/Darkfantasy

Rate : ★★★★

Summary : This story was trying to find the items to fight with enemy during escape from the enemies.  Why enemy was chasing them because Harry has power of defeat the enemy.

Comment : I’ve already seen movie of this part.  Why I decide this book because I want to know a story of the book .  I started reading this book since winter vacation so I didn’t finish reading it. I’m now reading chapter 3.  But I think it’s really interesting!  And also I think you can enjoy reading because this book was too long but there was a thrill, magic and romance so I think you don’t need to feel boring.  And this story tells us how a bond with friend’s was important.  I think you should read this series at least one time in your life.


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The boy in the striped pajama

Author: John Boyne

Genre: Historical, Fable


this book is about this one family who have moved to a countryside near where people wears striped pajamas. only their father knew that they lived near concentration camp for jewish people. however, their son has found this place with grate. then he sees the skinny kids with striped pajama.

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