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DK Biogrphy: Albert Einstein

Title: Albert Einstein

Author: Freida Wishinsky




This is a biography  about the famous theoretical physicist (a person who studies science) , Albert Einstein. He is most famous for his discovery of the theory of relativity.  E= MC2  E stands for energy, M is mass of the body, C is the speed of light. He is also famous for the picture of him putting his tongue out.

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. His family was Jewish but not religious. He was unusual from the first day he was born. He had a large, misshapen head and a big body. This concerned his family members very much. As he grew older, his parents feared that he was mentally disabled. He was slow to speak.He soon becomes a big brother and has a little sister called Maja. The first reaction when Albert saw her was  “Where are the wheels?”

This boy would soon change the world. His discovery of E=MC2 will sadly help the development of the Atomic bomb. He wanted the discovery to be used to make peace but his wish was not granted.

He wins a Nobel prize in 1921. Albert Einstein suffers in World War 2 and will soon flee to America for safety. There, he will teach at Princeton University and will end his lifetime.

Read this book to find out more about what happened during Albert Einstein’s life time.

Comments: This book was very easy to understand because it explained every little detail. I learnt that the famous picture where Albert Einstein puts his tongue out was to show everyone that he feels fine  by using his scene of humor. I recommend this book to people who enjoys reading biographies.


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When will this cruel war be over? (Dear America)

Author: Barry Denenberg

Genre: Informative,Fantasy


Summary: This book is about a girl named Emma Simpson and her life during the Civil war.The story takes place in Gordonsville, Virginia, U.S.A in 1864. She was enjoying her wealthy, peaceful life until the Civil war stared. She never really understood the happiness of having a family close by then.

Right after the war stared, the men in her family and Tally(the person she loves) goes off to war . As the war goes on, she experiences several dramatic changes in her life-like losing her family  and her house being  used as headquarters by the Yankees . But she never gives up  and waits for the person she loves.She tries to keep in contact by sending him letters .Can she and her family survive through the war? and will Tally come back? Read the book to find out!

Comments: This book is very unique because it is written in Emma Simpson’s diary form. You can understand what the war might have been like from Emma’s view. If you like this book, I would recommend other  books by “Dear America” and “My name is America”

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chicken soup for the soul

author:  Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen

genre: heart warming

rate: ★★★☆☆

summary: This book has 101 stories inside. All of them are real story of someone’s experience. There are several genres. For instance on love, learning to love yourself, on parenting, etc…

comment: I like this book because it makes me happy when I am sad. Also I learned how important people who is always next to me.Ii couldnt notice when the important thing is always near to me. I recommend this book to many people. Everyone will learn at least one thing from this book.

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Holiday Princess

author: Meg Cabot

rate: ★☆☆☆☆

summary: Mia, a girl is writing a diary about holiday. she interviews many people and writes in her diary about history of Christmas and New year. she also comments on them too.

comment: it is kind of boring because i thought this book was story and not information book. it talks about the history of Christmas, Christmas tree and so on. it is true that i didn’t know about the history and i was happy to learn about them but i was not expecting this kind of book. however, if you want to know about the history of it, this book is perfect for you because it is very easy to understand and detailed. in addition, the part that shows how every country celebrate Christmas was very interesting.

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