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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web




This story is about a relationship between the pig called Wilbur and his friend Charlotte, the spider. Wilbur was a  little pig when he born, and the farmer thought that he wouldn’t be as big to eat, so Wilbur almost got killed. There came a girl called Fern and saved his life. Wilbur started to live in a barn and there, he met Charlotte. One day the animals in the farm told Wilbur that the farmer was going to kill him for a ham, and Wilbur was really scared. When Charlotte knew that, she got an idea to save Wilbur using her web.

This was a very heart-warming story. I learned the importance of a friendship from Wilbur and Charlotte, and I thought that its very fortunate to have a friend who cares and helps you. I think Charlotte is really kind, and she is very close to my image of the ideal person. She was trying her best to save Wilbur’s life, as if it was for herself. I would like to follow her and try to be kind and help people although it is difficult or disadvantage for myself, just like Charlotte did for Wilbur.

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mango shaped space

In this summer I read rest of the book called mango shaped space. I wanted to read this book from before because my friend told me that this book is really interesting and funny.

Mango shaped space is about a girl called Mia. She is little different from other people. She can see colors on number letters and sound. When she was young she realized about her special ability. When she told to her friend, teacher and parent about her special ability, they said that she is weird and worried about her. So from that, she hides that she have special ability, because she is afraid of reaction of other people. She lives every day hiding her special ability from everyone. Mia like drawing. Also she likes her cat Mango. Mia can see the color of Mango’s meowing which is color like orange soda. Also she can see the color of people’ s name. When Mia was young, Mia thought that everyone can see the colors too. But when she told everyone about the colors, they all laughed and teased her. So from that Mia decide to keep it secret that she could see the color. But one day, Mia decide to tell her parents that she could see the color. When her parent hear about this, at first they get shock and can’t believe her but later they help Mia and tries to find out why she can see the color. Then they get to meet doctor Jerry and figures out that Mia has synesthesia. Mia hears lots of things about synesthesia from doctor Jerry. Also Mia gets to know that there are also other people who has synesthesia too.  After knowing about synesthesia, Mia starts to think more proud that she can see colors. One day Mia gets to go party where people who has synesthesia. At there Mia meets boy called Adam who also has same synesthesia as Mia. They become close together. But after the party, suddenly Mango dies and Mia gets really sad and thinks that she killed Mango because she didn’t give enough attention to Mango, and after this something more big trouble happens to Mia.

I really liked this book. Before reading this book, I never knew about synesthesia and I didn’t even know that this kind of disease really exist. But after reading this book, I was able to know more about Synesthesia and I was able to have interest about synesthesia. I want to know more about synesthesia.



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High School Musical

Author: Peter Barsocchini

Genre: Fiction

Rate: ★★★★☆

Summary: Troy and Gabriella first met at new years party. They coincidentally had to sing a song together. Their voice was perfectly matched and they became friends. Gabriella was one of a transfer student and another coincident happened. Gabriella was same school as Troy. Their relationship becomes closer and closer. Troy’s life was straight basketball player, however he gets interest in singing after meeting Gabriella. They practices for a musical at school but there are enemies so it is hard to sing together. At last they succeed and everyone was all happy together!!

Comment: This book is based on Disney channel original movie. I saw the movie first then read this book. However, I recommend reading the book first then see the movie, because you can imagine how is the character and all the settings. It is very interesting high school life I also wish I can have one like that.

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The great blue yonder

Alex Shaearer



If you can tell something to an important person after you are dead, what would you do?
This is a story about a boy “Hary” that is already dead. He is living in the “other side” that people goes after dead. Hary meets “Arthur” in the other side and learn a lot of things about the other side. Also Arthur told about “The great blue yonder” that the dead people finally goes and the way to go to the land of living. Hary got very interested to how to go to the land of living. It was because he had a thing that want to say to sister Eggy. Before Hary was dead Eggy and he were having a fight like as usual. However at the end Hary said “I hate you. You will be sorry when I be dead!” Also Eggy said “No I wont!” That was the last word that they had. So Hary want to say Sorry and I love you to Eggy. So Hary and Arthur decided to go to the land of living and finish their unfinished business.
I could learn my family is how important. It made me want to say I love you and Thank you to my important people like, family, friend, teacher, and all the people who are around me.

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Plan B

Author: Jonathan Tropperfile

Genre: Life, Friend


Summary:Turning thirty was never supposed be like this. Lindsey, Ben, Chuck, Alison, and Jack’s eye were shining with anticipation for their future when they graduated from NY university 10 years ago, but now each of them has problems.  Especially, Jack,who succeeded as Hollywood star,is getting publicity for his cocaine addiction.They make “Plan B” for  help to change Jack. During they’re doing plan, they start looking into them inner selves.

I think this book is very thoughtful story,and this book made a great impression on me, and also it has very beautiful scenery. I would like to recommend this book for teenager to think about their future!

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every soul a star

Author: Wendy Mass

Genre: life

Rate: ★★★★☆


Ally likes the simple things in life-labyrinths, star-gazing, and comet-hunting. Her home, the moon shadow campground, is a part of who she is. She refuses to imagine it any other way.

Popular, gorgeous (everybody says so), a future homecoming queen for sure. Bree wears her beauty like a suit of armor. But what is she trying to hide?

Overweight and awkward, jack is used to spending a lot of time alone. But when opportunity knocks, he finds himself in situations he never would have imagine.

This story takes place at a camp called Moon Shadow. Ally and her family is the owner of this camp but once in four years the owner needs to change so the person who offered was…

These 3 teenagers has no connection but by coming to Moon shadow and they meet like it was destiny and by knowing each other they feel something really important.


I like how she wrote it. She wrote every chapter by changing the main character and she wrote it like if we were in their point of view. I like the part where she tells us that Bree wears Hollister and Abercrombie shirt.


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The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More

“The Wonderful Story of Henry Shugar and Six More ”  Roald Dahl
Genre:Relationship  ★★★☆☆

In this book, there were 7 story.  The Boy Who Talked with Animals, The Hitch-hiker, The Mildenhall Treasure, The Swan, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Lucky Break, A piece of Cake are in this book. All of them were completely different and interesting.
The Hitch-hiker was my favorite story in this book. The narrator lets a man into his new BMW car. The passenger is like a rat and has long white fingers. The narrator tries to figure out what the passenger is doing for his job.
Their conversations were funny and I thought it was like me and my sister’s conversation. They had some boss-subordinate relationship. Normally I think the person who was driving the car is the like a boss but he wasn’t and  the passenger was like a boss. That was really same as me and my sister and my sister is like a boss to me.
I had some fun times reading this book and i want to find a new book that is interesting for me.

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