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Charlotte’s Web

Book title: Charlotte’s web

Author: E. B. White         Genre: Fiction

Summary: A pig makes friends in the barn and they try to save the pig from the human. Soon he would be a famous pig. So famous that everyone living around him came to the barn to see him.

Book rating : ★★★★☆

Comment: I thought about the animals we kill for our meal and how they are feeling.  So we should thank all animals we eat.

Picture from: “Book Aunt: Questioning Charlotte’s Web.” Book Aunt. N.p., 12 Aug. 2012. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. <;.


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The Clique

Author: Lisi Harrisonn

Genre: drama


A girl named Clair just moved to New York. Since they couldn’t find a new home before the school start. Her dad’s had a very nice friend in New York who lives in a humongus estate. That friend let him stay at his house untill they find a new house.

Clair was very excited to move to New York, but it turned out that her dad’s friend had a very picky daughter just Clair’s age. She was the only child and her parents had always spent so much money on her fashion. Clair had never experienced such a celebrity life, so she was very concerned about living with her.

The daughter was named Massie. She had three best friends at her special rich school for girls, who were also extremely rich. They were Meg, —–, and —–. Clair had a very hard time hanging out with them because there was a clique. The clique members were too close together, so Clair couldn’t join in easily. The clique did many harassments to Clair.

Clair made new friends, who was actually a sister of the guy Massie had a crush on. Massie doesn’t do well with Christopher; her crush. So Clair and her friend made a plan to make Massie feel bad.

Read this book to find out what’s going to happen later!!

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A Mango-Shaped Space

magngo shaped space

Tittle : A Mango-Shaped Space

Author : Wendy Mass

Genre : Realistic Fiction

Rate : ★★★★★

This book is about a girl named Mia Winchell, who has a big secret. Mia can see colors in words, numbers, sounds. She didn’t want anyone  to know her big secret, even her parents. But when some difficulty in school forces her to tell her secrets to her parents, everyone starts to look at her differently. Mia has to learn and accept herself how she is, and with her special condition, called  synesthesia.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and this book is really interesting!!!!! Read this book, and find out what will happen in the end!!!!!

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Title: Mr.Stink

Author: David Williams

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship

Rate: ★★★☆☆

There was a homeless man called Mr.Stink. Everyone ignored and bullied him just because he was stinky. If I was him, I wouldn’t  go out because everyone will just make fun of me, but he had nowhere to go back, so he needed to stay outside all of the time. Although, one day, a girl named Chloe, talked to him. Chloe was also bullied by the girls in the school, so she became friends with him. They were both happy, and Chloe took Mr. Stink’s hand to go somewhere. It was Chloe’s house. She pushed him to the shed so that nobody will recognize. But soon…

I like this book because it is about a relationship between two very different people. I thought that I need to thank my friends for being my friends. When I read this, I think I should not bully or discriminate between people. There are differences between all of the people all around the world, but we need to treat everyone equally… because we are all the same creature!! Thank you Mr.Stink and Chloe for telling me a great message!!!

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Every Soul a Star

Author: Wendy Mass

Rate: ★★★★☆

In this book, comet-loving Ally, future prom princess Bree, and science failing Jack meet at Ally’s camp ground.

Ally lived in a camp ground that was prepared for the Great Eclipse although after the Great Eclipse, Bree’s parents were to take over. Neither Bree, who hates the wilderness orll Ally who has never been to school, wanted to change their environment. The girls plan to convince their parents that they do not want to leave their environment.

Meanwhile, Jack was sent to summer school for failing in science was very unhappy. Luckily, he got an offer from his science teacher if he would like to go to the camp ground to see the Great Eclipse. Although he doesn’t like science, he went to the camp to escape from summer school.

Will Ally and Bree’s plan work? Will Jack enjoy the Great Eclipse? Read the  book to find out!!

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10 things to do before you’re 16

Tittle: 10 things to do before you’re 16

Author: Caroline Plaisted

Summary: This book’s main character is Beth and Anna. They are in despair, they are planning to spend a great fifteenth year.  They made a list and planned a lot of things to change themselves in to “total babes.” But their sixteenth birthdays are coming soon and it was nearly too late to take action so the son work through their list of ’10 things to do before you’re 16.” They get polished and flinty but then they knew being cool isn’t everything. This is a funny and appealing tale about a pair of friends who learn that being cool isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

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A boy in the striped pajamas

This story is about a boy called Bruno who had met a boy in the striped pajamas.  The boy in the striped pajama was Jewish and they met between the fence of the a concentration camp. Bryno moved near the camp but he never could go inside there because his father was the leader of the army. One day the boy asked Bruno if he could find his father with him. So Bruno made a hole and went in the camp. Then they got killed in the gas room.

This book let me know how much the war was awful. And I thought that I want to learn more about it.

It was ★★★★☆

GENRE: ????

I want many people to read this book!

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