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Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green GablesTitle of the book : Anne of Green Gables

Author : L.M.Montgomery

Genre : Realistic Fiction, Family

Rate :  ★★★☆☆

In Prince Edward Island, there lived an old lady called Marilla Cuthbert and her husband, Matthew Cuthbert. They wanted someone to help them with their farming so they decided to take orphan boy from orphanage to help them. Although, by some mistake who was standing alone in the station was the girl named Anne Shirley. Obviously, she wasn’t a boy. First, they didn’t want her because she was a girl and thought girl does no help with farming. But Matthew loved how she talks and after Marilla heard her unfortunate personal history, they decided to let her stay in their house “Green Gables” as a new family. She worked hard and helped Marilla for her job, and talked lots of things.  Anne was talkative, friendly, and loved to imagine things.

This is the story of how she grew with this nature in Green Gables.

Anne made some trouble too. When Mrs.Rachel said mean things about her, she got pretty mad and called her she is rude… Mrs.Rachel of-course become enraged but Anne did apologized. She made problems at her school too. She smashes her slate over Gilbert’s head because he called Anne’s red hair, “carrots”. Gilbert apologized many times but Anne did not forgive him. Can Anne and Gilbert become friends? 

Anne, always wanted her best friend so they went to Mrs.Barry`s house to meet her daughter, Diana. In few days, Diana became a great friend of Anne. They played together, talked together. Anne called Diana a bosom friend of hers. However, Anne made some trouble. So Mrs.Barry started to hate her and said she would never let her play with Diana forever…

This is a heartwarming great book!

Comment: This book is very realistic and I loved how lots of problems and situations happen. Anne of Green Gables is a very famous book so I want many people to read this book!!

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NicholasBy Rene Goscinny & Jean-Jacques

Genre: Diary

Book Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: This book is about a French boy’s daily life. And this time Nicholas and his family went on a trip to the sea, and they played. And this book is a series.

Comment: I like this story because the content was satisfactory and it wasn’t so difficult.

image from: “Nicholas | Phaidon Press | by Rene Goscinny & Jean Jacques Sempé.” Nicholas | Phaidon Press | by Rene Goscinny & Jean Jacques Sempé. Phaidon Press Ltd, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. .

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Things that are

Title : Things Tthings that arehat Are

Author : Andrew Clements

Genre : Fiction

Rate : ★★★☆☆

Summary : This book is about a girl named Alicia a and her friend Bobby. Alicia a is blind and Bobby experienced “VANISHING”.  One Thursday, when Alicia was in the library, she met a man called William, who was invisible. Alicia knew he was invisible because she felt the same as when she met Bobby. William told Alicia that somebody is chasing Bobby and because of that, maybe Alicia will be chased too. Alicia got scared when she heard that. So, while she was walking toward her house Alicia couldn’t think anything except that. When Bobby came to Alicia’s house, the two found a surprising thing in Alicia’s father’s office. It was an invisible mouse. They can hear it squeak but can’t see. This mouse was Alicia and Bobby’s father’s project. Then suddenly, Alicia got scared because she realized that the FBI who came about an hour ago, came for this reason.
Also, what should they do if some bad people finds about INVISIBILITY ?

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The Great Blue Yonder

    Image from: (

Tittle : The Great Blue Yonder

Author : Alex Shearer

Genre : General fiction

Rate : ★★★★☆

It is about this boy named Harry, who said something mean to his older sister before the accident with the lorry. When he knows that he is just “dead”, there’s no way he can apologize to his sister. So, he goes back to Earth as a ghost to apologize to his sister, and go to his old school, his house, and his sister’s room…

I liked this book very much because this story is really interesting. I had never imagined after I’m dead. You’ll have to read the story to find if Harry can apologize to his sister!!!!!

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A Mango-Shaped Space

magngo shaped space

Tittle : A Mango-Shaped Space

Author : Wendy Mass

Genre : Realistic Fiction

Rate : ★★★★★

This book is about a girl named Mia Winchell, who has a big secret. Mia can see colors in words, numbers, sounds. She didn’t want anyone  to know her big secret, even her parents. But when some difficulty in school forces her to tell her secrets to her parents, everyone starts to look at her differently. Mia has to learn and accept herself how she is, and with her special condition, called  synesthesia.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and this book is really interesting!!!!! Read this book, and find out what will happen in the end!!!!!

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The Lemonade War

TIttle : The Lemonade War

Author : Jacqueline Davies

Genre : Realistic Fiction

Rate : ★★★★★

Summary : Even Triski is good at understanding people. Jessie Triski, Even’s younger sister is on the other hand, math-smart. They were having a boring summer break, until Even finds out it was going to be horrible when school  starts, and their complicated war begins.

I really liked this book since I was in third grade, when my teacher read it out loud to the class. I also have a young sister, like Even, so I can understand how he really feels about Jessie, his little sister. I would really recommend it to the people who has siblings, and of course, people who doesn’t too.

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Charie and the Chocolate factory

A boy named Charlie and a man named Mr. Willy Wonka are the main characters in this story.  Mr. Willy Wonka has the biggest sweets factory in the world.  Millions of people try to buy the sweets made by this factory.  But from one day, one of the employee had stolen the recipe of the sweets.  From that day, Mr.Wonka fired all employee of the factory and he only worked by him self.  Even though he fired all employees, he still made the sweets.





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