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The Catcher in the Rye

Author: J.D. Salinger

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Coming-of-age

Rating: ★★★★☆

“Catcher in the Rye” is about Holden Caulfield, and his escape from Pensey Prep and the following three-day adventure around New York. Taking place in the 1900s, this book explores the mind of Holden, whom struggles with depression. He smokes, drinks, and does things that a well kempt teenager would never dream of. During his time in New York, he encounters many people, who end up making him feel depressed. On the other hand, he meets Phoebe, his endearing little sister. He also meets Sally Hayes, a girl he used to spend time with in his earlier years.

In my opinion, “Catcher in the Rye” is a book that you must read!!! If you want to know the specifics of this book, read it to find out!!!

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10 things to do before you’re 16

Tittle: 10 things to do before you’re 16

Author: Caroline Plaisted

Summary: This book’s main character is Beth and Anna. They are in despair, they are planning to spend a great fifteenth year.  They made a list and planned a lot of things to change themselves in to “total babes.” But their sixteenth birthdays are coming soon and it was nearly too late to take action so the son work through their list of ’10 things to do before you’re 16.” They get polished and flinty but then they knew being cool isn’t everything. This is a funny and appealing tale about a pair of friends who learn that being cool isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

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Diary of young girl Anne Frank

I’m interesting in world warⅡform when I was Grade 2.

My teacher taught me about “Anne Frank” After that I looked for biography book at library. I am too young to read long book about Anne Frank, so first I read comic book. I wanted to go Germany to look Anne’s hometown. I like Anne’s gut and her personality. She thought about the world until she died. So I wanted to read Anne’s Diary in English this winter holiday.

I was disconsolate when I read this book. Moreover I got courage to live.

Anne Frank is Jew girl who lived in Germany. But World War Ⅱwas started in 1939. So that Anne’s family needed to escape to Poland. They lived in refuge with other family. They couldn’t go anywhere.

Finally Anne’s family was founded. Anne dead in accommodation because of typhoid.

Anne’s fatter, Otto Frank published Anne’s diary.

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A Boy in the striped pyjamas




Bruno is a 9-year-old boy growing up during World War II in Berlin with his parents and his 12 year old sister named Gretel.  His father is a high-ranking  officer who, after a visit from Adolf Hitler, he got promoted to be a Commandant. It made the entire family to move away to a place called Out-With which turns out to be Auschwitz. When Bruno gets there, he feels sick after leaving behind his family, grandparents, and his 3 best friends for life.  He is unhappy with his new home. It only has three floors, there are always soldiers coming in and out of the house. Bruno is lonely and has no one to talk to or play with and the house is so small that there is no exploring to be done. However, one day while Bruno is looking out of his window he notices a group of people all wearing the same striped pyjamas  and striped hats or bald heads. Since he is a curious child, Bruno asks his sister who these people are, but she does not know. His father tells him that these people are not real people at all, as they are Jews.  There is also a soldier called Lieutenant Kurt Kotler who is violent in his ways to the Jewish prisoner, Pavel. Pavel works around the house and is always treated badly by Lieutenant Kotler. One day Bruno falls off his swing and Pavel helps him with the wound. Bruno asks if his mother should take him to a doctor, but he replyed saying that he is a doctor. Bruno finds out he is not allowed to explore the back of the house or its surroundings, but due to the combination of curiosity and boredom, he decides to explore. He spots a boy on the other side of the fence. Excited that there might be a boy his age, Bruno introduces himself and finds out Jewish boy’s name is Shmuel. He was taken from his family (his father came with him, his mother and his siblings are at home) and forced to work in Auschwitz. Almost every day, they meet at the same spot. Soon, they become best friends. Bruno and Shmuel even shared the same birthday. They are basically the same person born into different circumstances, one a Jew, the other a German. Bruno’s mother persuades his father to take them back to Berlin  after a year at their new home, while the father stays at Auschwitz. The story ends with Bruno about to go back to Berlin with his mother and sister on the orders of his father. As a final adventure, he agrees to dress in a set of striped pyjamas and go in under the fence to help Shmuel find his father, who went missing in the camp. The boys are unable to find him. Then the boys are mixed up in a group of people going on a march. Boys doesn’t   know where the march will lead. However, they are soon crowded into a gas chamber.

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The great blue yonder

Alex Shaearer



If you can tell something to an important person after you are dead, what would you do?
This is a story about a boy “Hary” that is already dead. He is living in the “other side” that people goes after dead. Hary meets “Arthur” in the other side and learn a lot of things about the other side. Also Arthur told about “The great blue yonder” that the dead people finally goes and the way to go to the land of living. Hary got very interested to how to go to the land of living. It was because he had a thing that want to say to sister Eggy. Before Hary was dead Eggy and he were having a fight like as usual. However at the end Hary said “I hate you. You will be sorry when I be dead!” Also Eggy said “No I wont!” That was the last word that they had. So Hary want to say Sorry and I love you to Eggy. So Hary and Arthur decided to go to the land of living and finish their unfinished business.
I could learn my family is how important. It made me want to say I love you and Thank you to my important people like, family, friend, teacher, and all the people who are around me.

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Plan B

Author: Jonathan Tropperfile

Genre: Life, Friend


Summary:Turning thirty was never supposed be like this. Lindsey, Ben, Chuck, Alison, and Jack’s eye were shining with anticipation for their future when they graduated from NY university 10 years ago, but now each of them has problems.  Especially, Jack,who succeeded as Hollywood star,is getting publicity for his cocaine addiction.They make “Plan B” for  help to change Jack. During they’re doing plan, they start looking into them inner selves.

I think this book is very thoughtful story,and this book made a great impression on me, and also it has very beautiful scenery. I would like to recommend this book for teenager to think about their future!

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The Great Blue Yonder

Author: Alex Shearer


Rate: ★★★★★

The story starts with the end—-the end of a boy’s life. The boy’s name was Harry. One day he died suddenly by a car accident.  The next time when he realizes, he was in a place where we call it “heaven”. After the signing up, people there go to another place called “the great blue yonder”. There was a reason he couldn’t go there, there was something struggling in his mind,and he knows exactly what it is. “You’ll be sorry when I’m dead!” These were the last words he said to his sister Eggie. He wished more than anything that he hadn’t said it. He wanted to say sorry for his sister, and say goodbye to all the people he left behind. He decided to go to the living world…

This is a heartwarming book teaching us the importance of the things what we think are usual. We have to always remember and be thankful to the people who are always with us. It is too late to realize after you lose them.

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