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Shopaholic & Sister

Author:Sophie Kinsella
Genre:Humour, Chick Lit

Becky Bloomwood is addicted to shopping – a ‘shopaholic’. She has just got married with her loving boyfriend, Luke. They travel all around the world for their honeymoon. After ten months of their great honeymoon, they decide to go back to England and back to reality.
When Becky comes back, many things have changed while she was gone. She was expecting for everyone to jump up to see her back from her honeymoon and talk about her memories and experiences in many countries. However, things don’t turn out how she planned. Her best friend, Suze has a new best friend! She finds out that she has a long-lost sister! Things are going really crazy for her and because Suze has a new best friend, she hopes of becoming great friends with her long-lost sister. However, it turns out to be that her sister, Jess has completely opposite interests with Becky. Jess loves rocks, saving money but has no interest in fashion and girly things. Becky tries to get along with her, but things don’t turn out very well. They end up having a huge fight. She even has a fight with Luke because she bought many things on her honeymoon without telling him even though she promised him that she was going on a budget. Things are getting really messed up! What will Becky do?

I recommend this book to many girls. The main character, Becky really loves to shop, and I think most of us girls do too! For Becky, shopping is like when you’re on a diet, but when you see your favorite food, you can’t resist not eating it. When I saw the title, I just thought that it would be about a person who just can’t stop shopping, but it wasn’t just about that. It was about the relationship between the people around her and how she grows as a person. The story was funny and it has a great ending. It is a very heartwarming story.


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Author: Suzanne Collins

Genre: Fiction, Humor, Romance


Summary: The main character Rebecca Bloomwood is really addicted to shopping or maybe you can say that she’s a shopaholic. Once she sees something she wants no one can stop her from buying it! Her dream job is to work on a fashion magazine but that’s just her dream. Her real job now is a journalist, which seems to be pretty easy for her. But since she spends so much money on fashionable clothes that she doesn’t need, she owes the bank a whole lot of money. She tries to get away with it by ignoring the letters from the bank, which of course doesn’t work and later she loses her job as well. Once she lost her job she is doomed, she plans on working a part-time job at a cool clothing store. It doesn’t work out as she planned, as soon as she got to the job she got in an argument with her customer over a pair of fashionable pants. She also sends a somewhat rude letter to Luke (an editor at “successful sacing” where Rebecca used to work at).

Now the bank is desperate about Rebecca returning all the money. She is still ignoring the letters and saying lies so she can get away with it. But that doesn’t work so she runs to her parents house and asks them to say she’s not here if they call them. And tells her parents they’re evil stalkers. While at her parents house she talks to her neighbors which brings up an amazing idea in her head. Which is to write an article on being tricked with money. From the neighbors point of view. This article goes on the newspaper. And is a great hit… she even goes on TV.

Now she was getting ready to go on TV when she saw Luke. This freaks her out so she asks the staff what’s going on. They tell her they’re going to have a debate on money and other money issues. While they’re getting filmed, Rebecca starts having feelings for him. Which is the same for him as well. They later go to dinner and pretty much fall in love. But it’s complicated because her best friend’s cousin likes her too… Read the whole book to find out the rest!

Comment: It was a great book. But I was kind of disappointed at first because it had a kind of glum beginning. As I read further into the book I started seeing the whole conflict and started wondering how Rebecca was going to get through her tough money business. She also has to deal with many other things like her relationship and her friendship. And I loved how the ending is. Since it makes you want to read the second Shopaholic series! I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I read so far but it was certainly a good read! Hope you guys like it as well.

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confessions of a shopaholic

title – confessions of a shopaholic

genre – realistic fiction

This book is about a woman named becky bloomwood. She LOVES to shop but she doesn’t have the money so she keeps on borrowing the money from the bank. Letters come from the bank so she keeps on lying like she broke her arm etc.To give back the money she works but the job doesn’t play much so she tires to save money but she keep on buying.Becky even tied to buy a lottery ticket.Will she be able to give back all the money?

I would recommend this book to anyone ,well mostly to girls.There’s so much drama and laughs in this book.This book is chunky but easy to read.

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