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Title of Book=OPEN
Author=Andre Agassi

”OPEN” was an amazing story about a world-famous tennis player that hated playing tennis in his childhood but through his hard work with his coach/uncle, he achieved his goal. He was a teenage phenom from Las Vegas who went onto the pro tour. His coach sticking with him all the time. At first, he loved playing tennis as a hobby and was able to win his first eight tournaments that he entered. His name was Andre Agassi.

At the age of seven, he started his tennis life and when he realized the stress and burden he was carrying because of all of the his very strict coach that would get very angry even if he misses slightly or lose a match. Andre thought long and hard about his future as a tennis player. Andre Agassi explains the difficulty of having an uncle that is very strict but knows what needs to be done to become a top tennis player. Back then, he died his hair, pierced his ears, and dresses like a punk rocker.

Andre Agassi suffered from Sciatica, a spondylolisthesis and a bone spur that interfered with the nerve. I was very surprised that he was able to keep playing those many matches with those injuries. Also, Andre Agassi’s play style was very offensive especially on the return. He had amazing service returns. In those days everybody would serve and volley so a big return would be the key for breaking serve.

I really admire and look up to Andre  Agassi. I wish that I can be one of the top tennis athletes in the world like Andre Agassi when I grow up and I learned that if you want to get better and spend time with it, you’ll always become better after hard training if you don’t give up until you accomplish your goal.

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