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Charie and the Chocolate factory

A boy named Charlie and a man named Mr. Willy Wonka are the main characters in this story.  Mr. Willy Wonka has the biggest sweets factory in the world.  Millions of people try to buy the sweets made by this factory.  But from one day, one of the employee had stolen the recipe of the sweets.  From that day, Mr.Wonka fired all employee of the factory and he only worked by him self.  Even though he fired all employees, he still made the sweets.





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Among the Hidden

Author: Margarlet Peterson Haddix



How many children do you want in future or already have?  Well in this story’s world you only have two choice about this question.  Born one child or none.  So if you born a 2nd child, you have to kill that child.  Obviously, someone will break any law and have a second or third child hiding from the government.  The main character Luke, was born as the 2nd child in one of the family.  He never went to school and never met with people other than his family.  But one day he finds out that there was another hidden child neat him, and the Luke’s new life had started.


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Danny the champion of the world

Every person has their own dad.  Not everybody but most of them are having some respect on their dad.  A boy called Danny is one of the boy who love his dad and respects him very much.  One day Danny finds outs that his dad is breaking the law.  But Danny still loves his dad and decided to follow his dad.  This was the beginning of their adventure.

Adventure, Romance


Roald Dahl

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