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The Sea of Monsters

the sea of monstersTitle: The Sea of Monsters

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Adventure, Fiction

Rate: ★★★★☆


  In this school year, no monsters appeared before Percy Jackson, a half-blood. He did not get attacked by anything and did not get in any trouble, until the last day of the school year. Percy Jackson and his friend, Tyson, were playing a dodge ball with their classmates. Then suddenly, their classmates turns into giant monsters. They both get attacked by the giants until Annabeth, Percy’s half-blood friend, appears invisibly and save Percy and Tyson. Percy was surprised and asked Annabeth why she appeared, and she told them that the Camp Half-Blood was in a danger.

  They three went to the camp and saw that the camp’s protection, Thalia’s Pine Tree, was poisoned. They also found out that Tyson was a young Cyclop, an ugly big giant, and a brother of Percy, since they were both Poseidon’s son. This was embarrassing for Percy, because nobody really likes Cyclops.

  Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson wants to go on a quest to find the Golden Fleece to cure the poisoned Pine Tree and find the Grover the satyr who is in a big trouble. Although they want to go, the temporary activities director, Tantalus, said Clarrise the daughter of Ares should go. Tantalus send Clarrise, but Percy and the others didn’t understand. They are helped by a god, and secretly went on the quest without getting caught by anyone.

  Their adventure starts heading south to the Sea of Monsters. During the quest, they see a cruise ship called Princess Andromeda where Luke, Percy’s enemy and an old friend of Annabeth, leads the ship. They also went through C.C.’s Spa and Resort where Percy turns into a pig.

  They finally got to the cave to the Sea of Monsters, but many things occur. Can they survive through the quest, bringing the Golden Fleece and help out Grover?


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Chomp<br />

Title of the Book: CHOMP

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Survival, and Adventure

Rate: ★★★★★

This book is about an adventure of the animal wrangler named Mickey Cray and his son, Wahoo cray. Their house is in the Everglades, like seriously. And they get a job for a survival TV show called Expedition Survival!. Their job was to lend their animals and keep Derek Badger, the “TV star” in Expedition Survival!, safe.

At the Cray’s house, terrible things happens. Derek Badger who thinks he could wrangle any animals like the Crays get chomped by the snapping turtle, a snake, and an Alice the alligator. Even though he got bit by the gator, the video that caught it was brilliant. So they went to the real Everglades to get a better video for the TV show.

Before going to the Everglades, the Crays went to the Walmart to buy food for the long survival trip. There they meet Tuna Gordon, a classmate of Wahoo. She had a bruised eye that was caused by her dad. Crays took her to the Everglades because if they left her there, she would get hurt again by her dad.

In the Everglades, Derek Badger get chomped by a bat and get disappeared in the swamp. Also, Tuna’s dad shows up with a gun…… Can anyone survive through the Everglades?

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