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Babe and Me

Author Dan Gutman

the genre of the book is adventure

rate ★★★★☆

In this book a boy called Joe is able to time travel with baseball cards. This time he gets the Babe Ruth card. He goes to the year that babe hit the home-run that he pointed to center field. Until that day Joe and his dad wandered around the city. They wanted to eat food and went in the restaurant and ate until they were full. It was usual until they went to the cash resister. Joe and his dad had only money used now so they could not pay money. Then Babe came in the restaurant and paid all the money for them. from then Joe and his dad went along with Babe. The day that babe hit the home-run where he said came. Now Joe and his dad could know if Babe really hit the home-run where he said to. Was it real that he hit the home-run where he said to?

I liked this book because It kept me very interested until the very end. It is not a hard book so you could read without taking much time.


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