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Sideways Stories from Wayside School

This book contains thirty stories about students and teachers at wayside school.  So that main character changed each chapter.

In chapter 1, Mrs.Gorf was in the story. She was the meanest teacher. If she warn, she’ll wiggle her ears, stick out her tongue and turns students into an apple. In chapter 1, some students were turned into apples.

I like  chapter 9  very much, because that was good story and I was happy after I read. Main character was Maurecia. She liked ice cream. She was pretty and sweet. Every body liked Maurecia except kathy. She always tired of same favor, and then try another.




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Diary of young girl Anne Frank

I’m interesting in world warⅡform when I was Grade 2.

My teacher taught me about “Anne Frank” After that I looked for biography book at library. I am too young to read long book about Anne Frank, so first I read comic book. I wanted to go Germany to look Anne’s hometown. I like Anne’s gut and her personality. She thought about the world until she died. So I wanted to read Anne’s Diary in English this winter holiday.

I was disconsolate when I read this book. Moreover I got courage to live.

Anne Frank is Jew girl who lived in Germany. But World War Ⅱwas started in 1939. So that Anne’s family needed to escape to Poland. They lived in refuge with other family. They couldn’t go anywhere.

Finally Anne’s family was founded. Anne dead in accommodation because of typhoid.

Anne’s fatter, Otto Frank published Anne’s diary.

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