Daniel X Demons and Druids

daniel xTitle: Daniel X Demons and Druids

Author : James Patterson

Genre: Fiction



Daniel an alien hunter from Alpar Nok, is trying to stop the third badest alien that is about to destroy the earth. A very dangerous  alien and a very dangerous alien. Daniel will fight beta, the bad fire alien. Daniel fights Beta for the first time and is in a dangerous situation with fire. Daniel has the power to create, like his friends and family. He also finds he can be capable of a new power. Time travel. Daniel escapes his dangerous situation by somehow traveling into the Dark ages. He somehow meets King Arthur and Merlin the Sorcerer. (from sword in the stone) . He battles beta then and beats him. But as he travels 1000 years later, he escapes the doom of fire. The night after  Daniel comes back, the final battle begins. Will Daniel beat up the third baddest alien on earth or will the battle be a failure? Read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Daniel X series are really good books.I heve read the first three books (including this one) and they really  are entertaining to me. This book also can be a little funny too. I aslo sometimes think that the book has unexpecting scenes. I recommend this book to people that love to read books that are filled with action.

Bibliography: Sadler, Adam. “DanielX Demons and Druids.” Http://danielx.wikia.com/wiki/Daniel_X:_Demons_and_Druids_%28novel%29. N.p., 19 Sept. 2013. Web.


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