The Lighting Thief

Title: The Lightning Thief

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Adventure, Fiction

Rating: ★★★★☆

What if the Greek gods were still alive? What if they have children all around the world who aren’t aware of their powers? And what if being a demigod (half human, half god) means they’ll have to spend their life fighting monsters to survive?

Percy Jackson thinks he’s a normal kid. He goes to a normal school, has a normal friend named Grover, and has a normal family. However, he starts to discover special abilities he has-powers that  are related to water. He also seems to able to see what other people can’t see, such as monsters coming to try to kill him. He was told his father went far away a long time ago, and now his mom has married a unpleaseant man named Gabe Ugliano. Percy wonders why his mom would marry a person as horrible as Gabe. He also wonders who his real father is, and why his mom never answers questions about him.

One day, when Percy and his mom were on vacation, a huge storm hit where they were staying. Then his friend Grover suddenly shows up galloping towards them to warn Percy’s mom that it was time for Percy to go. Percy notices that Grover has hooves instead of feet, and that he has horns on his head. With his head full of questions, he was taken to a place near a hill, when suddenly, a monster attacked. Strangely, Grover and his mom could see it as well. After this event, Percy will be taken to a place he didn’t know existed. He will find out what he really is and who his father was…

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