Title: Mr.Stink

Author: David Williams

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship

Rate: ★★★☆☆

There was a homeless man called Mr.Stink. Everyone ignored and bullied him just because he was stinky. If I was him, I wouldn’t  go out because everyone will just make fun of me, but he had nowhere to go back, so he needed to stay outside all of the time. Although, one day, a girl named Chloe, talked to him. Chloe was also bullied by the girls in the school, so she became friends with him. They were both happy, and Chloe took Mr. Stink’s hand to go somewhere. It was Chloe’s house. She pushed him to the shed so that nobody will recognize. But soon…

I like this book because it is about a relationship between two very different people. I thought that I need to thank my friends for being my friends. When I read this, I think I should not bully or discriminate between people. There are differences between all of the people all around the world, but we need to treat everyone equally… because we are all the same creature!! Thank you Mr.Stink and Chloe for telling me a great message!!!

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Filed under Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship

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