Dragon rider

  1. Dragon rider
  2. Cornelia Caroline Funke
  3. nonfiction
  4. ★★★★★
  5. This book is about a dragon name Firdrake  trying to find a place named Rim of heaven. Rim of heven is a place were dragons are able to live happily, the reason why Firdrake is searching for Rim of heaven is because the humans are coming to take their land. The oldest dragon told Firdrake about the Rim of heaven and thats why he decided to go find the place named Rim of heaven. He takes a friend with him, her name is Sorrow. and on the way they meets with a boy named Ben. Firdrake and sorrow decided to take Ben with them. And so that how they started to look for Rim of heaven.But they will see it’s not easy to get to Rim of Heaven.

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One response to “Dragon rider

  1. satosick

    Your summary made me want to read it!

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