Title : Skellig

Author : David Almond

Genre : Fiction

Rate : ★★★★★

Summary :

A ten-year old boy, Michael moved to a new house with his family However, they have a brand-new baby girl who is seriously ill. One day, Michael enters his garage full of spider webs  and insects. Behind the tea chests he saw a thing, maybe a man, bird or an angel, sitting with its legs stretched out. Bluebottles were stuck on its shoulder and hair and had a huge wings on his back. Michael decides to feed it everyday.

At school he becomes friends with Mina, who is interested in birds. He shows the strange man to Mina and they tried to talk to him. He introduced himself as ‘Skellig’.

I would recommend this book to everyone who likes fiction books.I liked how the author described Skellig and how the story ended.


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Filed under Fantasy, Fiction

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