The BFG.

Author: Ronald Dhal

I rate this book ★★★★☆

GENRE: ????

This is story about a girl called Sophie who get friends with the BFG (Big friendly giant). One late night she sees a big shadow crossing the road and picking the roof and looking inside the house and eating something. Sophie thinks that she’s going to be eaten and was hiding under her pillows. Then the giant notice her and picks her way to some place that only the giants live.The BFG says that normal giants eat humans but The BFG says he doesn’t because he’s a friendly Giant.  Everything was huge where the BFG lived and Sophie was surprise that she was taken away and all the thing was huge. The BFG gives her the snozzcumber and that tastes not good and a srink called frobscottle a fizzy drink and the bubbles go down. And that time Sophie notice that she is in a magical place. And the good part is that you can see that Sophie growing up being strong from the normal giants and maybe that’s the point reading this book.


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Filed under Fantasy, Humour

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  1. Isn’t this author Roald Dahl?! … my beloved author!! 🙂

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