No More Dead Dogs

Author: Gordon Korman

Rate: ★★★☆☆

Summary: Wallace has never lied before. He`s on the football team for his school but is a bench warmer. But the reason why the team could win the championships last year with Wallace`s amazing touchdown. He got famous after the play but he`s kicked off the team for his bad grades. He has to do after school detention with his teacher, but his teacher is the school drama club`s director and Wallace has to stay while the drama club practices and rehearses. But at the rehearsals, accidents keep happening and it always frames Wallace as the criminal. Can he prove the drama club that he’s innocent?

Comments: I like this book because Wallace has a sarcastic side to him, and that makes the book more entertaining. The author has narrated this book as if the characters are actually talking to you. As an example, when the teenage kids tells the story, they use more slang words and when an adult, such as the principal,  they use more formal words. So I thought that was interesting also. I recommend this book to anyone since this book is short and written for fourth to sixth grade students.


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Filed under Mystery, School

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