Eli manning Making of a Quarter back




This book is not a story, it’s about  this person called Eli Manning. Eli Manning is a professional American football player, and playing quarter back in New York Giants. This book tells about Eli manning’s  life  from birth to now.

Quarter back is the most difficult position to do  and the most position that gets lots of pressure, but it is the most position that gets lots of attentions.

In this book there one thing else that is written on it,which is about the super bowl game when Eli manning made a miracle and lead the giants to the Superbowl champion.

It tells how his feelings when he was playing during the super bowl and tells what was the cause of making Eli manning make that miracle.

It makes you fun so I recommends to everybody who knows about American football.

If you don’t know anything about American football I think it would be boring to you so you shouldn’t!!!!!!


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