A chirstmas carol

Author: Charles Dickens

Genre: fantasy


summary: This book is about a man called Mr Scrooge and Christmas. Everyone didn’t really like him. Because he is very mean to every one, dislikes Christmas and he never smiles.  So he didn’t have any friends. He lives in a big house by himself. There was lots of children around his house. He was very impatient. One night, four ghosts came to him and showed Mr Scrooge the true meaning of the Christmas and taught the errors of his ways. The ghosts that appeared in front of him was his partner Manley that died seven years ago, Ghosts of the Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future.

comment: This is one of my favorite book.  Because things that happen in this book is very unbelievable and this book can teach you the true meaning of Christmas and how much Christmas is important. This is why I think you should read this book.


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