Small Steps

I recommend you to read this book after you read the book “HOLES” written by Louis Sacher. This is the second part of Holes. The main character of the story will be different from HOLES but it will be about a boy from the last book. He is called Armpit. The story will be about  his life after he got out from a juvenile called Camp Green Lake. He will reflect and try to have a better life. He will try not to get in trouble. But it does not go easy. His friend from Camp Green Lake called X-Ray will try to get contact with him. When X-Ray got out from Camp Green Lake, he turned out to be a fraud. He wanted some help from Armpit. Armpit life gets ugly when he welcomes X-Ray as his friend.

I thought that the first book, “HOLES” was better than this book “SMALL STEPS” because I didn’t like it when “SMALL STEPS” included some romance. It made the story more complicated. I would recommend this book for people with all ages, boys or girls, because it was easy to read and I am sure you will learn something from this book. I enjoyed reading this book and I would like to read it again. I’ll give three stars to this book.

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