Shopaholic Ties The Knot

Name  : Shopaholic Ties The Knot
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre  : Humor, Romance
Rate    : ★★★★★

This book is the third book from the “Shopaholic Series”, and this is about a shopaholic girl named Becky Bloomwood getting married to her boyfriend Luke Brandon. The story starts with Becky choosing a marriage gift for her best friend Suze and her ex-boy friend, Tarquin. She plans the wedding with Suze, while waiting for her dress to be made by her friend, Danny. On one night, while discussing about marriage, Luke comes in. At one point of the discussion, Danny casually asks Becky about how she thinks about marriage. Blushing, Becky gets confused and says how she thinks she need to think about life and she needs around 10 years for that. Luke accepts her reply, a little surprised. Later, in Suze’s wedding, finding out that Suze is pregnant, Becky feels herself panicking about what she had said. But later on, when Suze throws her bouquet, Becky catches it and finds a letter and a ring from Luke inside. Then, Luke proposes to her, and Becky accepts! But there was another problem waiting up for her. It was the problem that her mom wished the wedding to be in England, and Luke’s mother wanting it in a plaza in New York, America, while she, herself wanted it in her own home. But on the other side, she wanted it in New York, so that she could be some “passionate, glossy” person for a day. But as the preparations for both of the weddings take part, it was hard for her to say how she felt. If she gives up the wedding in New York, she would have to pay thousands, which was impossible for her. Meanwhile, Laurel, a girl from Becky’s favorite shop “Barneys”, told Becky how William, her boyfriend had a row with her while dating a girl named Amy. Becky was also told how this girl Amy also took Laurel’s jewelry, which included her grandmother’s green pendant. Becky gets it back for Laurel, and Laurel promised Becky that she would do anything back. That moment, Becky comes up with one crazy idea which she actually used. It was to first attend the wedding in New York (pretending to get married), then take a private helicopter (by Laurel) to England and get married there. At the end, Becky tells Luke that she booked two first-class plane tickets for travel-around-the-world for their honeymoon.

Actually, this was my first “Shopaholic” book I have read which made me read the rest of the series. I love this book because this contains all the things that a girl would always dream of it happening; getting proposed romantically, holding a wedding in New York AND England, and having the best honeymoon. I loved the part when Luke proposes to Becky, saying “Becky, if I had to wait 5 years, then I would. Or eight – or even ten. But I hope that one day – preferably rather sooner than that – you’ll do me a favor of marrying me?”, when the confetti flies around them, and Becky goes to kiss him for a “yes”. Whenever I read the books from the “Shopaholic” series, I feel so happy, but on the other side, I always envy Becky Bloomwood for having such a perfect, bright life. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is a little fussy, little crazy, little silly – but very cute on the other side, but doesn’t realize their charm points, just like Becky Bloomwood.


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