Author: Joe Cottnwood

Genre: Friendship, Survival, Disaster

Rate: ★★★★☆

Summary & Review: This book is about three kids survive on their own in a disaster. Fourteen years old girl named Franny was playing with her old ex-best friend, Jennie. It had been long time since they last met. At first Franny was not sure that Jennie thinks they are still the “best friend” but when a big earthquake has occurred, their friendship has deepened. When the earthquake hits, their parents were out to the World Series of Soccer, so Franny, Jannie, and Franny’ little brother were only in the house. They were confused because they have to decide what to do all by their own.  I like this book because it is easy to read. Also I think this book is interesting because this book is focusing on a girl character even though most disaster story spotlight a man as a main character. I recommend this book to teenagers because it is written by teenage’s point of view.


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Filed under Family, Survival

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