Over to You

Author:Roald Dahl

Summary:This book has ten short stories about fliers and flying.I would like to write a summary of my favorite story,”Yesterday Was Beautiful”.
One young pilot woke up.He doesn’t know where he is.He seems he had ejected from the plain. He has injured his ankle.Though he wants to go back to the mainland,he needs a boat to go back so he asks to an old man where he can get a boat.The old man tells him that Joannis has a boat.The young pilot decides to go to Joannis’s house.The pilot finds Joannis’s house and talks with Anna,who is Joannis’s wife.She asks some questions to the pilot and begins to talk that every day the Germans came over to this land and attack them.Then she asks how many people have the pilot killed.The pilot answers ‘As many as I could’. Anna tells him to kill them all.Then she asks again what he wants and leads him to out the front door and tells him the old man there is Joannis.The pilot turns back to say something to her again,but the woman has disappeared into the house.

Roald Dahl is known to write books for children but this book wasn’t for kids but for adults. So it was difficult and sophisticated. I could feel that war can even change person’s character through reading this book.It was interesting,but a little bit difficult so I recommend to read this book if you are interested in World War Two.


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