ESCAPING the Giant Wave

ESCAPING the Giant Wave

Author: Peg Kehret

Genre: Family, survival

Rate: ★★★★☆

Summary & Review: This book is about a teenage boy, Kyle, escapes from tsunami. He was spending a vacation on the Oregon coast with his  family. While his parents were gone for a cruise, Kyle and his little sister were staying at a hotel. They ordered a pizza delivery for a dinner and when the pizza came and the time just they started eating it, a big earthquake had occurred. At first little sister was enjoying the shakes but when they open the room’s door, they saw thick black smoke and realized the situation of their own. In the hotel, there was a boy who was hated by Kyle and his sister, he was lying in the hallway. Kyle carried him outside together but when he returned his consciousness, he thought it was better to escape toward the ocean because the fire was coming. But Kyle had taught from his father that he must escape to the top of the mountain because the tsunami will come. Please read this book and find out which route was right! I think this is a good book. I learned the importance of family through this book. I also have emphasized with people in Tohoku and Kyle in the book because Tohoku has just experienced the big tsunami and caused many death and destruction. I recommend this book to any people who can read English. I recommend this book mostly to teenager because the main character is 13 so I think people around that age can read it with same point of view.


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  1. Connor

    i read this book in a couple of hours

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