Louis Sacher


This book is the serial of a book called “HOLES”.

HOLES is very famous but also this SMALL STEPS is famous because the story is continued from holes and especially its written by Louis Sacher.

It’s about Armpit meeting with a famous singer Kaira.

Armpit is friends with Ginny his neighbour but she has a serious disease. She really likes Kaira too.

Now, Armpit has a friend called X-ray and  he suggests Armpit to make more money by selling Kairas concert tickets to people after they bought it when they are cheap and sell it higher.

This is against the law and Armpit first doesn’t agree with X-rays idea but thinking about getting higher wage than digging holes, he agreed to lend X-ray money for the tickets.

They bought the tickets but everybody didn’t buy it at  first because it was too expensive so when the concert day is coming they make it cheaper and got someone to but them. But it was still very expensive for one ticket.

When there was 2 tickets left, Armpit asks a girl to go to the concert with him but she had an appointment and couldn’t go. So he went to the concert with Ginny. But that ticket was a counterfeit ticket and they were about to get caught by the police when Kaira helps them.

That’s the first encounter of Armpit and Kaira.

From this encounter they get in a good mood, and they go to a trip together with Kaira’s wage and have a good time.

Untill, one of Kaira’s manager who’s planning to kill Kaira waits her behind the door holding a bat.

When Kaira comes out of her shower… the bat…

The last part is the climax of this story and I couldn’t stop reading.

The chapters were really short and I really thought that Louis Sacher is an awesome writer.

I was amazed where he wrote sentences that it’s totally not true but it sounds really when he writes the sentence.

The way and the expression of how he writes makes you drag into the story.

This book was the best book that I have read and I really want to recommend it to everyone.

I felt that Louis Sacher is a great author and I respect him a lot.


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