It’s Not The End Of The World – Book review

Title: It’s not the end of the world

Author: Judy Blume

Stars: ★★★★☆

Summary: This book’s main character is Karen. She’s in six grade and has one elder brother Jeff and young sister Amy. Karen’s parents always had a huge fight, and then they decided to have a ‘divorce.’ Karen couldn’t understand her parents why they don’t love each other anymore. While her parents living separately, she tried her best to make them back, but she realize she can’t do anything  better between their parents. After, Jeff ran away from house and Amy cries like a baby, her parents starts another huge fight about Jeff,,, Karen felt very stressful for all this sudden. She couldn’t handle all her family in once, and so on, she finally screams out loud.   After reading this book, I felt sorry for Karen, and all the children whose parents are divorced. I learned that divorce is a better way for parents, but they never actually think about how the children feels. I want all the parents to read this book and let them know how divorce is a stupid thing to do.


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