Half Magic


Rating:  ★★★★☆


This story is a mystery story.  It is about four kids, Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha.  Jane was the oldest, and Mark was the second oldest, and the only guy.  Katharine was the middle girl, and Martha was the youngest girl in the family.  This story takes place on summer break.  A boring summer break.  Because it was so boring, the four kids read books everyday.  They went to the library and borrowed books and read them.  One day, they borrowed a book called, “The Enchanted Castle” They wondered why they couldn’t use magic and make summer fun, like the book. Jane picked up a coin that was on the sidewalk.  She didn’t have anything to do, so she wished there would be a fire.  About a minute later, there was a fire.  Everything started that moment. The four kids finds out that the coin Jane picked up, has some kind of magical powers.  They dream that something exciting happens, and it happens.  But, only half of their wish is granted.  That makes a lot of trouble.  The four kids go on an adventure using the Half magical coin.  But that gets them into lots of dangers.  Are they going to be able to come back alive to the real world!?


This book was very interesting.  There is a world of unbelievable things.  I had fun reading this book.  It has lots of imagination.  This book is a book I read at school.  It was a school book. I didn’t think a book used in school would be this funny and interesting.  I recommend everybody to read this book.  It might be a little hard for lower school students, but give it a try.  I promise you that you’ll love it!


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Filed under Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Humour, Mystery, Non-Fiction, School, Survival

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