Among the Betrayed

Author:Margaret Peterson Haddix



The third series of the books.

The main character changes to Nina Idi the girl appeared on the previous series, who got caught by the police.

I’d like to hide why she got caught, since it’s an important part of the previous book.

She had a hard time getting many question from the police, and almost get lost, but one day a turning point arrives to her.

The police decides to put her into another prison where another illegal children who doesn’t have a proof that they are an illegal children, and say that if she get a proof of them as an illegal child, she’ll be free.

But if she can’t, she’ll be killed.

Can Nina survive this prison?

It was a good book, and I like the author, but this story took long time to get to the fun part to read.

I’ll recommend to people who can read patiently.


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