Author: Gordon Korman

Genre: Fiction, Adventure

Rate: ★★★★★

Summary: When Griffin Bing and his friend Ben discovers an old Babe Ruth baseball card in a home about to be taken down, Griffin knowing his dad is tight on money, dreams of selling it for thousands and using his share to keep the family financially stable. The boys are somewhat disappointed when they show the card to collectibles dealer S. Wendell Palomino and he says that it is a reproduction and buys it for just $120. They soon discover that the sleazy dealer plans to auction off the card, which is actually an extremely rare card, and that it is expected to sell for well over a million dollars. Outraged at having been taken advantage of, Griffin(the man with the plan) plans to steal the valuable card back from Palomino (or “Swindle,” as they now call him) but doing so is difficult.  The boys face are  large fences, a high-tech security system, and a ferocious guard dog. Clearly, special skills are needed, so they start a ragtag crew of people with weird skills including an expert climber, an electronics whiz, an aspiring actor, and an animal lover who claims to be able to put even the most hardened, snarling canines in touch with their cuddly inner puppies. See if they’re going to get the baseball card back, by reading the book!

Comments: This book is so amazing! Especially when they get into action. I like the conflict of the story. Although these kind of stuff don’t happen everyday it really kept me reading till… I finished the whole book. The thing about this book that’s so cool is that everything is child vs. adults. And the author’s writing from the kids point of view.


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Filed under Adventure, Fiction

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