Sweet Valley High The Pom-Pom Wars

Title: Sweet Valley High The Pom-Pom Wars

Author: Francine Pascals

Genre: Fantasy

Rate: ★★★★☆

This story is about a girl who got just kicked out from her cheer-leading squad, by doing such an embarrassing stuff at family restaurant after the game of football. Her name is Jessica. She has a twin sister named Elizabeth. Even though they are twins, their personalities are opposite. Jessica is more like gossip stuff with bunch of stuff and used to be a captain in old cheer-leading squad. And always seems happy with her boyfriend named Ken. But Ken used to be Elizabeth’s. Comparing to Jessica, Elizabeth is like grind in any stuff. She puts everything in her study and what she always do is focusing on her school newspaper report since she became the school magazine writers. So she didn’t know anything about cheer stuff. So when she become cheerleaders by Jessica’s strong invitation, she had to become cheerleaders to help out Jessica. She decided to revenge to her old squad’s new captain names Heather. Because she is the one who took her position and captain. So Jessica was really anxious to her.

When she gathered up the new members she started to see how much everyone has an ability of cheer and dancing too. But things didn’t go as Jessica planned. Everyone had their own thought of how to be more good, but that made Jessica upset. But Jessica never gave up with working up together. Because her goals was to be a regional of California state. So she even did a morning practice and after-school practice. Amazingly her goals become real.  She and her squad became the nationals. She was very happy that she even cried.

From this story I leaned that if you never gave up, your aim or goal can be real and you’ll be able to catch it


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