No Dogs Allowed!

Title: No Dogs Allowed!

Author: Bill Wallace

Genre: Family

Rate: ★★★★☆

This story is about a girl named Christine. She used to like pet but some accident made her dislike many of animals. That was her beloved horse named Danndy died when she was still in kindergarten. She felt depressed and had nothing to do afterschool, because Danndy was her best friends. When she became sad, angry and confused, she always run toward to horse cage to cried out loud in front of horse. Danndy always made her cheered up, so she was never scared as long as Danndy was there. But since she lost Danndy, she felt alone and started to make new friends at he elementary school. Eben though she missed Danndy so much, she acted like she totally forgot about Danndy towards her family, so they won’t worry about her.

Unfortunately something unexpected things happened to her. On her age of tenth birthday, she was given a new puppy for her birthday present from her parents. They thought it would be a nice chance to have a puppy, so that she will have a time to play around with puppy. But Christine became really angry. Puppy made her reminded about Danndy. She burst in to tears and her thought was really anxious to her parents. When she ran away from her birthday party, a puppy came after her. When she looked on puppy’s eyes she felt some how released from anger, and started to like puppy. She named puppy Matt. Since that day Matt and Christine became best friends. But she didn’t forget about Danndy. Even though she has a new puppy, she always kept memory of Dandy in her mind.


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