author: ally condie

genre: fantasy, fiction

rate: ★★★★☆

summary: This book is about a girl named Cassia Reyes and she lives in a society that  the government  decides everything. When you die, where you work, who you marry, everything is decided by the society. When Cassia got matched with Xander,  guy she knew almost her whole life she was really excited and happy. But one day she finds another persons face on the screen. It’s not Xanders, it was Ky’s. She knew Ky almost as long as she knew Xander. After the incident she started thinking about  Ky. They had the same activity which was hiking. Her grandfather died a few days before leaving her a poem which is not what the government will approve. She didn’t want to be seen so she secretly opened it at the hill.  Ky had seen her open it and asked her about it on the top of the hill. In exchange of telling him lines from the poem, he taught her cursive which everyone else weren’t allowed to know.
Cassia scored a very high score for a test that decides what job you’ll be in. For the last test she had to sort out a group of workers. As she was sorting she found Ky in the group of workers. Ky was hard to sort. He wasnt the hard worker but he wasnt that bad. He was in the middle, the hardest ones to sort. She was told that workers who work well will get better jobs, so she sorted Ky in the highest level. As she was sorting she also noticed that  the workers (abbreviations) were putting poison in  the food. They were putting them so everyone will die at the age eighty. One day at hiking they finally kissed.
The officials take Ky away to fight because they were running out of people who can.There loosing. Every neighbor including Cassia were forced to take a red pill which makes you forget what happened in the past twelve hours, but Cassia squished her pill instead of taking it. Later on Cassia and her family were told to move to the farmlands. Cassia wanted to find Ky so she decided to go.She definetly felt closer to him.

comment: I like this book because it tells you what the world will be like if everything was fair and  perfect.


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Filed under Fantasy, Fiction

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