How to Steal a Dog

Author: Barbara O’Connor

Genre: Adventure

Rate ★★★★☆

Summary: How To Steal a Dog is told from the point of view of a girl, Georgina. It is the story of her family’s (single mom and little brother)  homelessness and living in their car. One day, Georgina sees a reward sign for a lost dog. She then thinks that if she steals a dog, waits for the reward sign to go up, and returns the dog, she will get enough money to give her mom a down payment for an apartment.

Clearly, this doesn’t work out. The owner of the dog, Georgina, is not much better off than they are. Even though from a distance the house looked like it would have a wealthy owner, it turns out the woman is struggling almost as much as Georgina, which makes Georgina a little guilty. While trying to keep her homelessness a secret from her friends and holding a dog hostage, Georgina tries to pretend to all that everything is just fine when it’s not. If to steal the dog or not is up to her. Read the book to see what she did.

Comment: I liked this book because it lets you realize that you have to think if you’re doing the right thing or not. Even if you’re going through a tough time you need to think it through and not rush.  It was also great that the author put so much detail into the setting,  I could almost see it. I liked how in the end,  Georgina chose the right thing to do and being honest.


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