Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of  Azkaban

Author: J.K. Rolling

Genre: Adventure


Harry Potter is a boy who survived from Dark Lord, Voldemort’s killing curse which no one could avoid including his parents. He was invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  and meet his friends Ron and Hermione. He grew up with them going over many humps. In this volume he meets Professor Lupin, who used to be close friend of Harry’s father, and Harry gets to taught how to produce the magic towards dementors. He finds out about the mass murderer, Sirius Black.  However, Harry comes to know about his betrayal and the feeling of deep and bitter anger outgrew. The secrets of why his parents had been found and killed will be revealed.

Harry Potter series is my favorite story and it is quite easy and understandable story. This is the only chapter amoung the 7 volumes that Voldemort himself doesn’t appears and it was peaceful compared to the others and has different taste. I quite like this chapter because many secrets was be revealed and I had never expected. There is a phrase which professor Dumbledoor says to Harry and Hermione, “If you succeed, more than one innocent lives will be spared” and the two-time slips into the past to save “more than one innocent lives”. This is the part I like the most and I was completely absorbed. I love Harry Potter series because it make us think that there might be  a magical world and make us forget that it is fiction. I recommend this book to everyone because I am absolutely sure that they will enjoy reading it.


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  1. It’s my favorite books of the the series.

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