Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Ronald Dahl



Mr. Wonka had spread out five golden tickets to the world and invited the kids who got them to his Chocolate Factory which no one was never been able to see the inside.

Charlie was the one of the kids who got the ticket and he lived with his grandma, grandpa and parents very poorly.

The Chocolate Factory was producing many types of chocolate snacks and sweets which no one had never made and Oompa Loompas were the workers who worked there.

However, the other four kids’ greediness and selfishness turned out badly and they were dropped off one by one as if it was planned by Mr. Wonk. At the end Charlie remains and he receives great extra prize.

This is my favorite book among the Roald Dahl story. Even this story was children’s book and very easy to read I really enjoyed it  and never became bored of reading it. I wished this factory does really exist in this world and would give happiness to kids. I thought by reading this book, the author has wonderful ability of pulling the readers in to the story and make them think that there might be a factory like this. My favorite scene was were one of the invited kids fall in to the chocolate river and been sucked by a long pipe. I was also surprised by his  imagination and creativity because the story was full of very interesting, mysterious,  nonoccurence machine and sections. I wold like to recommend this book to kids and adults because I believe that it is very easy but very interesting story that would make everyone absorbed.


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