The Fledgling

Author: Jane Langton

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Rate: ★★★☆☆

Summary: Georgie was a girl who wanted to fly. She liked a goose, which she was calling the Goose Prince. She tries hard to fly, but her parents and siblings in law, were worried if she would be injured. One day, when she was outside, the Goose Prince came near her. Georgie was happy, but a man named Mr. Preek thought the goose was attacking Georgie, so he got the goose away. Miss Prawn is a woman next door, who warns Georgie’s family that someday there would be something bad on Georgie. One night, the Goose Prince came to the window. Georgie rode on his back and she learnt to fly. Every night they flew, but Mr. Preek was planning to hunt Goose Prince. One night, when they were flying together, Mr. Preek shot Georgie’s arm accidentally. From that night, Georgie didn’t go fly, and she couldn’t fly. When the hunting season was over, Georgie called the Goose Prince in a clever quiet way. The Goose Prince gave her a present, a rubber ball. Take a good care of it, said the Goose Prince. When he flew, suddenly the Goose Prince fell on the ground. Mr. Preek shot the Goose Prince. Georgie was sad and her family were sorry too, but Georgie discovered the real figure of the present. It was a ball of the earth, shining and turning in the air beautifully with the ocean, clouds, mountains and all.

Comments: I was sad that at last the Goose Prince was gone, but I thought it would be nice to fly. I liked the ending because the present was really the earth, and I can imagine the earth and Georgie’s amazed face. I thought Georgie could take a good care of it like the Goose Prince said.


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