The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
by: Suzanne Collins


This story takes a place in the District 12, main city called Capital, and the place where I should call it battle field. There are 12District in this world, and each District has their main industry. For example, District12’s main industry is mining.  However, the scary event is that there’s a survival game that 2 pair of boy and girl chosen from each Districts and they kill other member of this game to live and to win the game. The winner can receive a huge amount of money to able to live their whole life to play.

The main character in this story is Katniss. She lives in District12 with mother and younger sister. Since Katniss’ mother is weak, Katniss have to go to the forest and poach animals. One day, there were a lottery for choosing the kids for a game. The kids from District12 gather to the lottery place. The drawing have started…and the kid’s name called was Katniss’ sister. Nonetheless, Katniss volunteered to switch with her sister. If a person want to do a game, it doesn’t matter to switch. This is the start of the scary game of survival.

I really recommend this book. This book is long and separated into few series. However, it’s not that hard to read this book, and I enjoyed how the story goes on. This book’s game is a survival game, and you might like how the Katniss think and move to an action. She knows how to get food in a forest from the poaching before the game. There’s a friendship, love, and fight in this book. Also, if you like the SF and the survival story, I recommend this book to you, too. If you don’t like the long serried book, try from this book!

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