The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank



  This book is about a girl named Anne Frank that was hiding from the Nazi while World War 2. She and her family had to hide because they were Jewish. While she was hiding from the Nazi, she was writing a diary every day. In this book I could read what she was writing. She was writing short stories, things she want to do after the war, complaining about her life in the shelter, and sometimes about Peter that she liked. She named her diary “Kitty” and always started her diary by “Dear Kitty”. However this diary stops at August 1st 1944, because the Nazi found Anne and her family hiding and took them to the asylum.
She was trying to live bright even she had to spend some uncomfortable days. I think that is so difficult and it is unable to me so I realized how she was strong. There are more books that is about Anne Frank so I want to read some other books too.


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