The Battle of the Labyrinth

Author: Rick Riordan

Ratings: ★★★★

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy


In this book, Percy Jackson needs to go into the Labyrinth to save camp from an invasion by Kronos, the King(God) of the titans. Titans is a creature what we call “Kyojin” in Japan. He and his friends need to go into the Labyrinth and solve puzzles that might kill them. They need to go out and save camp before war begins between the titans and Olympians.

In the maze, they need to fight horrifying monsters, and some other old greek characters such as Janus, the god of doorways,  Queen Hera, Zeus wife, and more on.  They get lost in the maze, but they get unexpected advice from many greek gods. Rachel, the guide successfully guides Percy and his friends to the work place of Daedalus, and finds Nico, a person who was trying to trade some bodies soul with his dead sister. But he fly aways with Daedalus invention.

While they try to go back to camp, they encounter Kronos,  who somehow returned by taking over Luke’s body. They rest and go on to their camp. Nico, Daedalus,  the Hundred-handed One Briareus and Pan’s gift to Grover each  help to return the tide of the battle. They won the battle at the end, but many of the campers died in this battle. Also, some of the gods betrayed the Olympians.

Comments: This book is really good because, I like how Percy saves his friends and the campers. I really considerate him even though he is just a character from a book. My favorite scene is where Percy and Grover and his friends go through the maze. I felt that they really have a strong confidential relationship. I think that’s why they were able to go through the maze together. This book is easy to read so if you are slow at reading books, I recommend this book.


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