Author: Gregory Maguire

Genre: School

Ratings: ★★★★☆

Summary: This book is about the another story of Oz. There is a girl called Elphaba. Her mother drank a medicine when Elphaba was in her mother’s stomach. This made her all green and  her father hated Elphaba because she was green and looked ugly. However her father liked her sister. Well, now she studys at school and meets a cute friend called Glinda. She is her room-mate. Now she is her nice friend and she was having a nice time at school with friends and love and so on… Suddenly, Elphaba’s father told everyone that Elphaba is a Wicked witch of west. She has to run away somewhere!!!What is she going to do!?

My comments of recombination: This book was very thick and long so I took a long time to read all of it. However it was a nice story so if you are interested in witches and the another world of Oz you should read it!


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