Author: Stephenie Myeres

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Rate: ★★★★★

Summary: This book is about a normal teenage girl named, Bella. Her parents get a divorce so she decides to live at her dad’s place. She moves to a new school, she is at a new place, she gets a new car. Everything is new to her. At her new school she meets some new friends. But she finds this one guy in her class that seems very abnormal. His name is Edward. He seems nervous around Bella and he seems very mean. Although Bella dislikes him a little she finds him as a very attractive guy. Later on in the story they become friends, Bella finds out he’s a ………..!?!?!? Read the story to find out who he REALLY is!

Comment: I would recommend this story to people in middle school. I think this story is great because it pretty much includes everything a story needs! Although it has some boring parts. It’s interesting with lots of twists, cliffhangers, and mysteries.


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Filed under Fantasy, Romance, Series / Sequel

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