Trickest Stories

This  book, ” Trickest Stories” is a book filled with a lot of short story. The author is called, Paul Jennings. This book has over 20 stories! This a brief summary of one of the good story.

The story is called, ” There’s No Such Things.” One day, there was a boy who loves his grandpa. But one day, he gets stuck in the hospital because he got a cold. He wanted to get out, but the nurse didn’t let him. Grandpa told the boy a story about a dragon in the tunnel near the boy’s house. Grandpa said that he fought the dragon once, but didn’t see it after that. He said that if the boy could try to find it at midnight, he might know something new about it. So the boy went into the tunnel at midnight, and found the dead dragon covered in metal things.  There were only bones of the dragon, but the boy found a cube so he brought it back and let Grandpa see it, and he noticed that it was the dragons egg and it hatched. Suddenly the little dragon went on to the nurses face, and Grandpa and the boy got out of the hospital, saying, ” There’s no such thing!”

This short story was funny and easy to read. I thought how brave of the boy to go into a tunnel in the night. I couldn’t, by alone. But the boy did and found a dead dragon. If I find those things, I would scream and run away.  It’s not easy to bring up a lot of good short stories, so I think the author is very smart, and great. I bet it took many days to complete the book. It’s a great book and a famous one, so try reading this great, and funny book!


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