The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This book is the famous series, “The diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days.” The main Character is Greg and it’s his diary. It’s like you’re really reading a diary yourself. The author, Jeff Kenny wrote it very realistic.

This is one of the details he wrote. He has a crush on a high school senior who is a lifeguard, and he follows her around and tries to help with her job, but there is no sign she notices him. Greg doesn’t enjoy walking through the locker room at the pool because he doesn’t like to see the men in the shower, but there are no descriptions of what he doesn’t like. There is also one comic of Greg’s older brother dropping a dirty sock into Greg’s mouth while he sleeps.

I like the part where Roddick drops the dirty socks in Greg’s mouth. His reactions are really funny. I like where Greg’s actions are young.

If you like younger kids, you should read it. It’s full of humour and sometime serious!


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Filed under Humour, School, Series / Sequel

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